About me

Take a walk in my shoes

Here’s a little bit about my personal life; who I am as well as those most closest to my heart, my daughter and wife. How I became a resident in Paris you can find out on one of my literary walks, but I have included imagery of our apartment terrace for you to see. Read my in-depth bio on Amazon.




Born in Sydney, Australia, but in Paris for more than twenty years. I am still discovering things about this most complex of cities. I live in a street with intimate connections to the revolutions of both 1789 and 1968, as well as the expatriate literary culture of the 1920s and 1930s.


Louise was born in Paris, educated in London and has been a frequent visitor to Australia since infancy. A truly international young woman, she’s been bilingual since birth, is a graduate in journalism; literate, articulate and adventurous – not to mention a terrific cook.


Marie-Dominique graduated from the Sorbonne and immediately went into radio. Switching to film when we married, she’s written and directed documentaries on subjects as diverse as Australian aboriginal actor David Gulpilil and the School of Renaissance music in the Palace of Versailles.


Our apartment

 Our apartment has a beautiful terrace which looks out onto the street. We live in rue de l'Odéon, in a building of 1760 where Sylvia Beach, proprietor of the original Shakespeare and Company bookshop, also made her home. Our terrace offers spectacular views across the roofs of central Paris.




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